Hear what our customers are saying
about our produce:

“Your family grows the best produce!  You guys are the real deal.”

“I am a steak connoisseur, I’ve been to the highest end steak restaurants in the Chicagoland area.  Your steak is the best I’ve ever tasted!  I’m back for more.”

“Every time I visit your stand, I learn something new, you are a wealth of knowledge.”

“My friends and I are back for our weekly grilled hamburger, we just LOVE having lunch here at DTNF.”

“We always come to your stand first because you have the best produce.”

“You are the reason that we come to the market here in Frankfort.”

“Thank you for all your hard work, we love your produce and are so glad you are here!”

“Your micro greens are amazing, they have so much flavor.”

“The lines are long here in Frankfort, but your products are worth waiting for.”

“We have tried eggs from several other farmer’s, we like yours the best.”

“It is so nice to see a family run business like yours.”

“Most people eat popcorn when they watch a movie, I EAT YOUR SPINACH RIGHT OUT OF THE BAG!”

“We ALWAYS come to your stand first because we know you sell out.”

“Why weren’t you here last year.”

“I don’t need to try your free samples, if you offer samples, I know it must be good.”

“When I popped one of your cherry tomatoes into my mouth, I couldn’t believe how good it was.
I’m back for more, you truly have the best tomatoes I’ve ever had!”

“I don’t know what you do so different, but the taste and quality of your produce is the best I’ve ever had”

“My daughter said to get here early, so I’m here a half hour before the market opens.”

“Your carrots are the best we’ve ever tasted!”

“Oh no… you’re out of carrots already, we’ll need to get here earlier next week!”

“We just love your produce and look forward to the new arrivals each week.”

“I love that you’re local and use no pesticides.”

“This Buttercrunch lettuce is incredible.”

From an eight year old girl after tasting a sample of our Buttercrunch,”WOW, this is REALLY GOOD!!”

A lady leaving our produce stand holding up her bag speaking loudly, “I love your PRODUCT!!

“I came back, and I brought friends!!”

“I’ve been eating your Romaine for 4 weeks and it’s still good!”

“Your spinach is so good, I don’t want to buy it anywhere else!”

“I’m addicted to your tomatoes, they’re so different, they’re awesome; nothing like what you get from the store!”

“Your carrots are the only ones my little girl will eat fresh, all other carrots I have to cook.”

“You’re the reason I come to this market.”

A customer to a friend she brought to our stand,
“Any lettuce you pick will be good, actually EVERYTHING you buy here is excellent!”

“I got some radishes from you last week, they were the best I’ve ever had, I’m back for more!”

“You have the best produce we have ever tasted!”

“Your lettuce lasts so long and it’s delicious”

“We’re so glad to see you back at the Oswego Market again this year!”

“My 19 year old son ate all of the lettuce I bought from you on Sunday and sent me back to get more.”

“When are you going to sell your salads this year, they are amazing and so beautiful!”

“Your beets are awesome, can you add us to your email list?”

“We ate at Fire It Up Grill last week, we loved the food and could tell it was your lettuce.
Also, it was so nice to eat clean food and to leave there feeling good and not all bloated.”

“I love the way you package your lettuce, it looks really nice.”

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